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Traven Stout


My name's Traven and I'm a New Orleans wedding photographer. I've been shooting photos ever since I was old enough to grab my mother's old film camera, one I still shoot with today. As a small child I used to watch her document the world around her, from Jazzfest to crawfish boils, and I always knew I wanted to do the same. 

While we all love a beautiful portrait to memorialize our friends and family being together, I find the real beauty in a wedding is the sense of celebration. Capturing you and your loved ones having a great time drinking, laughing, and twerking are my favorite things to capture. I have, much like my mom's old pictures, always had a very documentary style to all of my work, professional and personal. The look of joy when your partner sees you walk down the aisle, your aunt cracking up on her fifth martini, your friends having a dance contest on the dance floor, these are the moments you'll never want to forget, and the ones I love to memorialize for you.  


New Orleans has always possessed a dark romanticism. The crescent city has attracted poets, musician, artist, and novelists since its conception. All of its beauty, danger, history, and diversity has made it a haven for those who create. Gris Gris, pronounced GREE-GREE, is a term that stems from a spiritual rituals. Traditionally it's an amulet made of herbs and roots that are wrapped into a small satchel. By mainstream standards its thought to be evil, however much like New Orleans it is misunderstood.  Gris Gris is neither good or evil. It's about intention, what you plan to put into it and take out of it. It can be beautiful, dangerous, sometimes both.

More about Traven and Gris Gris

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