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Kim & Pavel

Kim and Pavel’s wedding took place on 11.2.2019. It was a beautiful evening and the weather was perfect. It was chilly but not cold, and definitely not hot which is always a plus in New Orleans. We started the day off with a few getting ready shots. Kim and Pavel were getting ready at the same spot, Compass Point Events (cool story about the venue that I’ll get into in a second)  They exchanged letters and then we immediately went into a first look.The first look went smoothly. I love first looks because it’s a great opportunity for candid shots. It’s just great photo op to catch real reactions of yall seeing each other for the first time. If your planning on seeing each other before walking down the isle I definitely suggest doing one. From there we did the formal portraits and went straight into the ceremony. The ceremony was beautiful. The way the set up is at Compass Point events is just perfect. The trees provide shade and if shot right before sunset you get this beautiful cast of light on the alter area.

 O yeah, Compass Point Events! My dad worked there for 25 years! Not at compass point events but at compass marine, a towboat company. Which the owners turned into a wedding venue. The buildings here use to be offices. The cool thing about the buildings is that they are old homes that were moved to the property from near by areas. My dad helped sand the floors of one the buildings way back then. Last time I was here was when I was around 8 or 9 as a kid. The owners of Compass Point Events did an amazing job at turning it into a wedding venue. It’s really a great spot for weddings. After the ceremony we took to the streets in typical New Orleans fashion. We 2nd lined up the levy and down the neighborhood and from there went into the wedding reception. It was pretty cool that Kim and Pavel hired the 2nd line band ( The New Orleans Avengers ) to play all night. So they stuck around and kept that classic New Orleans jazz sound the entire time. 

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