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I met Victoria that afternoon at an Airbnb to get some preceremony shots of her and her bridesmaids getting ready. When I arrived, I was shocked to find that the Airbnb was a childhood friend of mine's house. His parents now rent out the bottom half of their house as an Airbnb. It’s right outside of the CBD. Highly recommend it to brides as a prep location. There is a beautiful courtyard in the back that is a perfect backdrop for bridal photos. As I was there shooting bridal prep, my 2nd shooter went to meet Ben. Ben handed out old polaroids to all his groomsmen as a gift and then decided to reenact the photos for my 2nd shooter to get. The ceremony and reception took place at Paradigm Gardens. Paradigm is a beautiful event venue in the heart of New Orleans. It’s an all outdoor garden. They have baby goats too.

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