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Mason & Brie

After Mason shared Brie’s and his vision for their wedding, I knew I could not pass up the opportunity to document it. They wanted their wedding early on Mardi Gras day, on the neutral ground of Esplanade, dressed in costume (under the sea themed) and after the ceremony they were going to cruise the streets of the French quarter/ Marigny with a handmade float. Truly the most New Orleans wedding I’ve ever photographed.

For me it was a perfect way to start Fat Tuesday. My typical Mardi Gras day routine is to wake up early, get dressed up in costume, and head down to the Marigny. Then walk down into the quarter with the Krewe of St. Anne. During Carnival I go crazy with street photography, documenting as much as I can. (You can see my Mardi Gras work here) So I got excited once I realized this would fit perfectly into my Fat Tuesday plans.

I met Mason on the neutral ground while they were setting up and Brie was getting ready in a nearby Airbnb on Frenchman St. I got some candid shots while friends and family showed up. The ceremony was short and sweet with one of their friends officiating it. Afterwards we took some portraits and I got some more candids. I wrapped up my coverage with a shot of the rings on the portable table/makeshift bar and then continued with my carnival festivities. Everywhere else it was a Tuesday morning. Best Mardi Gras ever!

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