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A Small New Orleans BnB Wedding

Chayla and Rob opted for an intimate wedding with just family and close friends, with the flexibility of my hourly rates I was able fit exactly what they were looking for and document their small wedding. Their wedding was at the McCarty house, which is a cute BnB in the New Orleans Bywater Neighborhood. It is the perfect venue for a 20 to 40-person wedding. It was a rainy day, but it didn’t damper their wedding. They had a tent setup and everything went smoothly. When two people are in love like this, nothing can screw up their wedding. I love photographing people that are in love. I love capturing those moments of joy, when a couple looks at each other, or capturing a couple while they are laughing; just little moments of pure bliss. I don’t know, I feel like I'm not describing it well with words. It’s definitely why I’m a photographer and not a writer. Anyways, it was truly a pleasure to photograph this wedding.

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