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Christal and Jeremy's Garden Wedding

Christal and Jeremy's wedding took place during the Mardi Gras season. Mardi Gras in New Orleans is my favorite time of year, I could write a whole blog piece about (I did actually write a blog about it lol) It’s defiantly a great time for a wedding too, it’s when the city is it’s liveliest and you never know what you might come across(like Elvis on a scooter during your formal portraits) After I got portraits of Chrystal we went to Paradigm Gardens where the ceremony and reception were held. The ceremony started right after dusk, so I had to set up extra lighting. (pro tip: If you have your wedding outside at night, make sure your photographer can handle lighting at night.) Paradigm Garden is one of my favorite wedding venues, it’s the perfect place for a small to medium sized wedding and just a really cool spot. They got goats too! Check out Oatmeals Instagram page: @oatmeal_paradigm

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