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David and Kaine at The Elm's Mansion

David and Kaine’s wedding took place at the Elm’s mansion on St. Charles. The Elm's Mansion has basically everything you would expect from a old school New Orleans Mansion on St Charles, and every kind of space a wedding would need. Here check it out (Elm's Mansion on St. Charles they got one of those 3d tour things.) My day started with portraits of Kaine and David. It was important to the grooms to have nice portraits. So, we decide to take a little more time on getting the portraits. That way we would have time to make use of the whole venue with different backdrops. The ceremony was at dusk under the gazebo. It was beautiful. The reception was all throughout the house, but most of the guests hung out outside outside, which I thoroughly enjoyed because it added an extra challenge from the photography side because it was at night. Photography is all about capturing light, well at night light is scarce. So with out using flash you end up pushing your camera to it's limit and risk getting blurry images. So it's always a better option to use flash. The problem with on camera flash is that, you get a really flat light. So I always try to use off camera flash to get beautifully lit images. Outside night photography just adds another component, that I get to play around with and truly adds to the fun of it for me… Sorry I’m going off on a tangent about lighting, I'm truly a photo nerd. lol

Check out the wedding pics:

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