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Napoleon House: A French Quarter Courtyard Wedding

Kicking off the festivities were pre-ceremony photos – the excitement was electric. A first look took place, a moment of pure magic shared nearby at a family friend's stately antebellum-style house of esplanade street. The blend of vintage charm and genuine emotion set the tone for the day's narrative. I was there, camera focused, as the couple's smiles met, unscripted and unfiltered. These were the moments that etched themselves into memories – genuine, unposed, and utterly beautiful. From there, we moved into capturing family portraits, all against the backdrop of that captivating antebellum-style setting.

But the real scene-stealer was Napoleon House itself. The courtyard, steeped in history and drenched in ambiance, provided the perfect stage for the ceremony. As the couple exchanged vows, laughter and tears resonated in the air. They did a traditional tie the knot ceremony during the ring exchange which turned out beautifully.

And then, it was time for a second line – an embodiment of the city's joyful spirit. The newlyweds led the lively parade, with a jubilant Kinfolk brass band playing the soundtrack to their happiness. They stopped in Jackson Square in front of the St. Louis Cathedral to have there first dance. It was absolutely beautiful.

Back at the Napoleon House, the revelry continued – half indoors, half outdoors. The reception was an enchanting blend of historic charm and modern revelry. The couple danced, laughed, and created memories to be cherished forever. For the bouquet toss they tossed a tiny stuffed animal that was a cat. Then made a small donation to an animal shelter in the name of the person that caught it. During the reception it started to drizzle on and off. During which I caught the bride and groom dancing in the rain. It was beautiful.

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