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Gris Gris Photography is operated by Traven Stout, a New Orleans Wedding Photographer that specializes in capturing candid moments.


"When two people are in the present and in love you can feel a glow, a radiance of happiness. I love capturing this radiance and being able to show them to my clients. It is the most rewarding part of my job.  "- Traven

Couples being present and in the moment is the most important thing to me when I'm shooting a wedding. I tell my couples this all the time, "The more fun you are having the more fun I have." That's because the more you are smiling, laughing, crying (good crying) the better photos I get. That's why I keep my photography as simple as possible. I stay away from complex poses that might feel awkward and capture things as they happen. It's a very photournalistic style, and I specialize in capturing candid moments. 


Jill R.

Traven did a fantastic job photographing our wedding! He made us super comfortable which shows in the photos and he took all the important pics without overwhelming us with hours of pictures before/after the ceremony. He captured so many great candid shots of our friends and family having a great time!


Sarah K.

Traven is the kind of superbly gifted, detail-oriented photographer who will capture not only the moment when your soon-to-be husband starts to read his vows not to you but to the audience (in the fashion of a book report) but also the micro-moment within that scene in which you lock eyes with your best friend who is officiating to decide what should be done about this amusing, heartwarming gaffe. Traven will find the beauty in the doorway on the back porch of your family home and turn his curious eye on the picture of your grandfather that's hidden away in the locket you're wearing. When I shared our wedding photos, friends responded that they would have to get married all over again so they could hire Traven. Simply put, he's the top.


Devin B.

Traven was amazing. The planned photos went quickly and he was great at directing the wedding party & families without being pushy or it feeling rushed. During the ceremony and party we barely noticed him and yet he was there for each moment. Very professional and respectful of personal space. Couldn’t be more pleased with how the pictures turned out. 10/10

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