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Jenny and Chris: A dope new orleans wedding

Being a New Orleans wedding photographer, every assignment brings its own unique charm, but photographing Jenny and Chris's wedding was particularly special. Jenny, a fellow photographer, brought a specific vision to the table, making the collaboration both exciting and creatively fulfilling.

The day unfolded at Race and Religious, a venue that perfectly matched the couple's vibe – super cool and funky. Jenny was already prepared when I arrived, allowing us to capture stunning portraits in the upstairs loft. Meanwhile, my second photographer, Nathan, was busy documenting Chris's preparations.

One of the highlights was the surprise first look. With Nathan skillfully capturing Chris in a portrait session, Jenny seized the moment to sneak up on him. The result was a genuine and emotional encounter that perfectly encapsulated the love between them.

The ceremony was a beautiful affair, and the reception transformed into a lively party. To encourage mingling, each guest received a card with the name of someone they didn't know, creating a fun and interactive atmosphere. Finding their match they got a scratch off lotto ticket.

As the festivities continued, an after-party awaited at Anna's Bar. The couple, adding a touch of retro flair, rented a vintage car for the occasion. Seizing the opportunity, we captured enchanting night portraits in front of the bar, creating memories that would last a lifetime.

Being a New Orleans wedding photographer allows me to not only document love stories but also witness the unique and personal touches that couples bring to their special day. Jenny and Chris's wedding was a celebration of love, creativity, and the vibrant spirit of New Orleans.

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