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Court of Two Sisters Wedding

The day began at the Omni Royal Hotel, where the scene was abuzz with excitement. As a New Orleans wedding photographer, I had the privilege of capturing the bride's preparations while my trusty second shooter focused on the groom, who happened to be quite the chess enthusiast. As they readied themselves for the day's festivities, they engaged in spirited chess matches, making it a unique and memorable start to their wedding journey.

With the bride dressed in elegance, I seized the opportunity to capture her radiance in a series of stunning portraits. The Omni Royal Hotel's courtyard served as the perfect backdrop for their first look and more intimate moments together. It was a reflection of the timeless charm that New Orleans wedding photography is all about.

As evening descended, we made our way to the Court of Two Sisters, where the magic of their wedding awaited. The ceremony, held under the stars, required careful preparation with off-camera lights to ensure beautifully illuminated images. The courtyard transformed into a dreamlike setting as the couple exchanged their vows, surrounded by loved ones.

Following the heartfelt ceremony, we seamlessly transitioned into a second line with Kinfolk Brass Band that wove its way through the vibrant streets of the French Quarter. The enchantment of the city served as a captivating backdrop as we danced and celebrated, with my off-camera lights adding an extra layer of brilliance to the images.

Back at the Court of Two Sisters, the courtyard was transformed into a lively dance floor while the NOLA Dukes played. Laughter and joy filled the air as the night unfolded. And to cap off the celebration, they indulged in a unique tradition – shot ski's, where shots were playfully served on a ski, adding a fun and memorable touch to their wedding day.

As a New Orleans wedding photographer, I cherished every moment of this beautiful celebration, where love, chess, and the vibrant spirit of New Orleans combined to create an unforgettable night. The images captured that day are not just photographs but a timeless testament to their love story.

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