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A Wedding at Compass Point Events.

WEST BANK IS THE BEST BANK!!! Got to shout out to the west bank. But technically the west bank is actually the east side of the river. I don't know, New Orleans is just weird and backwards like that. ****intrusive thoughts that enter my brain while writing blog posts****


This wedding took place at Compass Point Events, which is yes, is on the west bank. Compass Point Events is actually my favorite wedding venue in the entire city. It's set up like a sweet little cozy village, with New Orleans shotgun houses all caravanned together. Inside of the cottages where the bride and groom get ready, are really great backdrops for photography- the wall paper and wood panels- its a very southern Louisiana type of feel. The outside area is a beautiful setup as well. If you have your ceremony at the right time of day the light is perfect for photography..... But this venue isn't my favorite venue for any of those reasons. This venue is my favorite venue because my father worked there. Not at compass point events, but at Compass Marine. Before this place was a wedding was a wedding venue it was a tow boat company. My father was basically operation manager there. I remember visiting there as a kid and walking into the pink building. They called all the building by color there back then. My dad said The way Eddie (the owner of Compass Marine) got all those buildings was that people just started offering them to him. Business would buy properties nearby and instead of tearing down the building they would ask Eddie if wanted them and Eddie would take them and move them to that property. Little did they know they were putting and making way for the perfect wedding venue. Anyways it's a cool spot and if your thinking about getting married there you definitely should.


Here's some photos from Jazmine and Adams wedding. It was a perfect day. (que Lou Reed's song "Perfect Day" while looking at these) ;)

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