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Historic St. Bernard Courthouse

As a New Orleans wedding photographer, my day began with excitement and anticipation. Tucked away in Talia's charming house, I captured every detail of her getting ready, from the elegant dress to the intricate veil. Meanwhile, my trusty second shooter was busy documenting Dan's preparations at a nearby Airbnb. The goal? To tell the complete story of their big day.

The ceremony was a beautiful, traditional mass that celebrated love and commitment. The couple's joy and devotion radiated throughout the venue, creating heartfelt moments that were pure magic to capture.

After sealing their love with vows, we headed to the St. Bernard Courthouse for the reception. This historic venue, steeped in stories of the past, added a unique charm to the celebration. The St. Bernard Courthouse, with its timeless architecture and rich history, became a picturesque backdrop for our photos.

Just before the sun dipped below the horizon, we stole a moment to capture breathtaking portraits of the bride and groom in front of this magnificent building. The warm, golden light of the sunset painted the perfect scene for their love to shine through.

The reception was filled with traditions and fun. There was the cake cutting, where cake pulls added an extra layer of excitement. The bouquet toss had everyone on their toes, eagerly awaiting the next lucky bride-to-be. And then, a unique tradition took center stage – the groom was "kidnapped," and the bride, in good spirits, collected money from the guests to "ransom" him back.

Amidst historic settings and cherished traditions, we captured the essence of Talia and Dan's love story. As a New Orleans wedding photographer, my mission is to freeze these moments in time, allowing the couple to relive the joy, laughter, and romance of their special day for years to come.

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