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New Orleans Wedding at Compass Point

This wedding was at my favorite wedding venue Compass Point Events. (Check out this blog piece here to read about my connection to this New Orleans wedding venue.) When I arrived we started with some getting ready photos and immediately went into fist looks and the formal portraits. The ceremony was after sunset so I made do and pulled out some off camera lighting. (basically I set up a bunch of flash's around the ceremony to help light the area. In photography light is everything.) Afterward the groom, who was a local New Orleans musician, coordinated all the live music and even got up and played with the band. It was a pretty fun reception.

O the phone thing! They had this phone that would record messages. So guests could record audio for them, which I thought was pretty cool. I can imagine years down the line the couple listening to the audio and looking at the photos.

Thanks for coming to the blog and checking out my work!

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