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Zach and Devin 11.9.18

Zach and Devin’s wedding was a beautiful November wedding. The pre-ceremony, ceremony, and reception were all at the Derbès Mansion. The great thing about the Derbès Mansion (besides it being a drop-dead gorgeous location) is that you can do it all there, there’s even rooms if you want to spend the night there. Both Zach and Devin got ready in the rooms upstairs. When I arrived I immediately went to photographing details of the rings and the dress. I always like to start off with detail shots, because it gives me a little bit of time to talk to the bride before immediately hoping into getting photos of them. Both of Zach and Devin's wedding rings were beautiful, but Zach’s really struck me, it was first time I saw anything different from standard gold grooms ring. He has crescent moons engraved on it, which I though was pretty dope. The rooms at the Benachi House make it really easy for me to go back in forth. So, I was able to go back and forth and get photos of both of them getting ready at the same time. After they were ready we did a first look, got a few portraits, and went straight into the ceremony. The ceremony was beautiful. It was at night, so I set up a light stand with a flash on it to capture a few shots with flash. Night ceremonies that are outside are very tricky to photograph simply because there’s not enough light. So as a photographer you must be confident in working with off camera light to get good photos. After the ceremony we partied inside the house, and I got some really great candid photos. It was a really fun night.

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