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Jill and Joe's Black and White Wedding

Awhile back I had the honor of photographing my cousin's wedding. They gave me full creative control, so of course I went all out and decide to edit the preview photos in black and white only. I wanted to see what an all black and white wedding would look like and I’m blown away from it. It reminds me of looking at me grandparents wedding album, which is actually fitting because the grooms ring is my “pop pop's” ring and the date is my grandparents wedding date on it.

Back then professional photographers mainly shot on black and white film, color photography was thought of being “consumer/ amateur,” because color film was new and not fully tested out to withstand time. Most wedding photographers also shot on big graflex cameras with flash bulbs. Cameras that aren’t really to great to catch candid's/ action shots. Don’t get me wrong there’s great candid/ action shots from back in the day made on those cameras, but it was much harder to photograph So wedding photographers would stick to more poses (this is where the traditional style comes from)

A black and white wedding these days is an interesting contrast to me. To see fun party shots and candid's done in black and white is different from traditional weddings. Its like combining an old timey feel with a party club photos.

I had so much fun shooting this wedding.

I was a bit worried that I wouldn’t be able to enjoy time with my family due to “working.” It was actually the opposite, I got to spend some intimate moments with my cousin and capture it in a photographs. I love my family and photographing weddings. So it was a real pleasure to make these photos.

Thank for coming to my blog!!!

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