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Justin and Liz's Wedding

My day with Liz and Justin started at St. Rita’s church. St Rita’s is a beautiful church that is out in the River Ridge Neighborhood near New Orleans. They didn’t want too many the typical pre-ceremony photos so instead I just met them at the church before the ceremony and got a few photos of them in the rooms that the church designated for them before the ceremony. After the ceremony we went to Cedar Grove Plantation, a wedding venue over on the Westbank. When I first arrived I got a few portraits of the couple out front of the house and the gazebo in the back. These portraits were pretty fun for me to shoot because they were at night. I got to pull out my strobe and use some off camera lighting. Portraits at night are always fun for me just because they are a little different from the usual and it's nice to switch things up sometimes. After that was the reception. Everyone had a great time, which is always a plus for me. I feel like its corny to say but my line when I first meet my clients is: “If yall have fun, I will have.” It’s 100% true though. I Like to capture real moments and real emotions. It’s what motivates me. So if yall are laughing, dancing, crying (good crying), I’ll get motivated to capture it and to capture it in the best way that I can. Anyways I’m starting to ramble. Check out this beautiful wedding.

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