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Kelsey and John's French Quarter Wedding

Kelsey and John 3.31.2018

This wedding was more of an elopement than a wedding. Kelsey and John came down to New Orleans with a group of their closest friends to get married in the streets of the French quarter. I met with Kelsey and John before their ceremony to get some portraits of them around the quarter. We walked to the more quite residential side of the French quarter and got some photos of them together. From their we met their friends at Jackson square and walked over to pirates ally. They picked a spot and got married in the middle of pirates alley with tourist walking by and stopping to watch. Straight gorilla style. It was really just one of those New Orleans moments that you can’t really describe. It was absolutely beautiful; their friend officiated and did an amazing job. After the ceremony we 2nd lined to canal street with the Knockaz brass band. I got a few more portraits with them and then stopped in their restaurant to get a group shot at Seaworthy, the restaurant where they had dinner.

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