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A New Orleans Outdoor Wedding

Donnie and Adams wedding was pretty rad. We started at Adam's family home where Donnie got ready upstairs and Adam downstairs. After they were ready we did a first look in the study. I love weddings at family homes, I feel like it brings in more meaning and nostalgia into the images. The ceremony was outside in his backyard where his family had a deck and altar arch made. The weather teetered on the edge of "maybe it will rain maybe it won't", which was nerve racking, but the rain held off. It left us with a nice overcast that gave us great lighting for photography. People don't realize this but overcast days are perfect for wedding photography. The clouds act as a giant soft box that softens up the light, which is great for portraiture. Following the ceremony we moved to the party over to Port of Orleans. It was a solid day for wedding photography in New Orleans.

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